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How do we define our relationship to a place and to others? How are we in turn defined by our habitat and the encounters we experience? At a moment in history when more people are now living in cities than in rural areas, how well do we understand the effects of this condition?

The Failure Of The Square was started by looking at the city of Rio de Janeiro as an archetype of the megacity. It examines people’s relationship to the city and environs as affected/defined by modern urban conditions. It looks at the clash of modernist architecture and the indomitable natural landscape, and searches for the effects of this tension on the urban dueler. It traces movement, encounters, and directions of individuals and masses through the city. It uses -searches for- shapes and forms as metaphoric elements of triumphant order or failed policies. And finally, it searches for an experience of connection and belonging to a place that is in constant flux.

This body of work has expanded to include other cities such as Istanbul, Athens, Lagos, Salvador, Sao Paulo and New Delhi, most of them port-cites (except the last two) historically affected by global currents of influences. There we might find parallels, challenges, or revelations that affect our interaction with a place, our interconnections with others, and our own identity as citizens under these global urban conditions.

Prints: All photographs are black & white archival pigment prints on rag fiber paper, size 30 x 44 in. (76.2 x 111.76 cm.), and 16.5 x 24 in. (41.91 x 60.96 cm.)